About I GOT U

 I GOT U is defined in the urban dictionary as I got your back, I got you covered, I got you protected.  People who wear the I GOT U brand represent doing the right thing in the most courageous situations in life as well as doing the right thing in the most routine walks of everyday life.  For example:

  • Protecting someone from being bullied
  • Respecting someone of a different race, religion, sexuality
  • Patience for someone with a disability or illness
  • Showing/demonstrating great sportsmanship
  • Using simple manners
  • Respect/Kindness for Elders
  • Compassion/understanding for all military members- both active duty & retired
  • Rescuing and adopting a pet
  • Unconditional & eternal love
  • Preserving and honoring the memory of someone you have lost
  • Non-judgmental friendships
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