Kenzie's Kindness


Many people ask me what my inspiration is behind I GOT U.  The are a lot of reasons why I was inspired to start the I GOT U Movement, but one that is the most near and dear to my heart is to:  Honor the memory of someone you have lost.  So, my inspiration behind I GOT U is to honor my late daughter's (Kenzie) memory.  Therefore, I have created a non-profit (501c3) under the I GOT U umbrella dedicated to my late daughter, called Kenzie's Kindness.  10% OF ALL IGU SALES WILL DIRECTLY BE DEPOSITED INTO THE KENZIE'S KINDNESS NON-PROFIT ACCOUNT AS OF JUNE 1, 2016.  

What will the is non-profilt be used for?  Great question, I am new to this, but my goal is to help people directly, on the street level.  I am frustrated by the fact that when people are struggling and need help, they need to fill out an application to a non-profit organization that is more difficult than applying for a mortgage.  I want to eliminate that hassle and do everything I can to help people easily and efficiently.  As I GOT U sales grow, and thus, Kenzie's Kindness will grow, I will have to make decisions on where and how these funds are allocated.  Please know your purchases are helping the I GOT U Movement change the world and at the same time supporting people who are less fortunate.  

As the founder of IGOTU, Inc. please know I am incredibly thankful for every purchase of I GOT U apparel and by doing so, WE are going to make the world a better place.  


Walt Boldish, CEO & Founder, IGOTU, Inc.



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