Kenzie's Kindness

Many people ask me what my inspiration is behind I GOT U.  The are a lot of reasons why I was inspired to start the I GOT U Movement, but one that is the most near and dear to my heart is to:  Honor the memory of someone you have lost.  So, my inspiration behind I GOT U is to honor my late daughter's (Kenzie) memory.  Therefore, I have created a non-profit (501c3) under the I GOT U umbrella dedicated to my late daughter, called Kenzie's Kindness.  10% OF ALL IGU SALES WILL DIRECTLY BE DEPOSITED INTO THE KENZIE'S KINDNESS NON-PROFIT ACCOUNT AS OF JUNE 1, 2016.  

UPDATEWhere do you use/apply the 10% of IGU sales that go to Kenzie's Kindness?   Great question and I am glad you asked!  Starting in January, 2018 all the proceeds raised from I GOT U purchases will be used to support the Backpack Food Program.  This program provides hungry, malnourished children with a backpack on Friday's that include meals for the weekend, so they don't come back to school on Monday's starving.  It costs $6.10 to feed a child for the weekend, which is $183 a year.  There are 56 children in the school district I live in that are provided meals every weekend, and that's just my school district.  This program is just starting in neighboring school districts and the number of children in need are growing and growing.  The money to pay for these meals is solely raised by donations, so I couldn't be happier that Kenzie's memory will help to feed other children.....I have to imagine she would be so proud.   

As the founder of IGOTU, Inc. please know I am incredibly thankful for every purchase of I GOT U apparel and by doing so, WE are going to make the world a better place.  


Walt Boldish, Creator & Founder, IGOTU, Inc.